Akeos Delivers Wompy Acid-Laced Dubstep Single “Squiggle The Lines”

Akeos is creeping back onto the Bassrush Records catalog, this time going it alone on an acid-riddled slab of dubstep called “Squiggle The Lines.”

As far as Pittsburgh is concerned, the city is harboring one of the most exhilarating artists existing tirelessly on the bleeding edge of bass music. The teenage producer known as Akeos has been held in high regards by a commendable list of artists from the upper echelons of the dubstep scene, with names like Slander, Subtronics and SVDDEN DEATH all standing in their corner. Akeos cites the last name on the list as a blinding source of inspiration, even taking cues from the horned purveyor of woofer-wrenching tunes on the new offering he’s conjured up for the Bassrush crew.

“Squiggle The Lines” is a certified face-melting riddim tune etched in the ink of synapse-twisting acid lines and wobbly rhythms. An eerie music box melody sets the stage for his latest single, with a short-lived intro section that slides straight into a flurry of lysergic-riddled licks truly that tickle the dome. A maniacal vocal breathes an incoherent rambling right before Akeos busts the energy wide open with winding bass warbles, twisted synth lines, and heavily distorted frequencies filling out the lower register. The skin-crawling melodies make a brief comeback, only to get dissolved in the flesh-eating acid riffs and a second run of the fidgeting frenzy.

“What started out as a spooky acid-style dub, ended up turning into one of the most fun to work on tracks I’ve made,” says Akeos. “I’ve been really inspired by SVDDEN DEATH and Infekt lately, and I feel like it definitely shows in this one. Huge thanks to everyone listening!”

His new single is the second appearance of his on the ever-expansive Bassrush imprint, following in the footsteps of the first impact he made alongside MAD DUBZ on their otherworldly collab, “Crimson Crater.” Even though he’s carved out a nice little corner for himself in the riddim arena, the fast-emerging artist has been known to keep his sound on a swivel, as evidenced by the breadth he’s covered across releases for Gud Vibrations, Disciple, Subsidia, Never Say Die’s NSD’ Black Label offshoot, and more. Those who have been keeping close tabs on Akeos know the release has been a long time coming, with Akeos sitting in his unreleased folder for almost a year now. With the spooky season fully upon us now, there seemed to be no better time than now for him to let this one hit the streets.

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