AmPm’s Summer Dance Tune ‘Everyday’ Featuring Amanda Yang Is A Cool, Rhythmic Slice Of Sunshine

Japan’s masked production duo AmPm have won fans around the world since their March 2017 debut hit ‘Best Part of Us feat. Michael Kaneko’. Today (August 20), their new single ‘Everyday feat. Amanda Yang’ was released, alongside a new music video.

‘Everyday’ is a collaboration with Amanda Yang, the hugely popular American singer with over 110 million total plays on Spotify.

This laidback summer tune combines Amanda’s soulful and clear singing voice with a catchy tropical house sound. Yang’s relatable lyrics sing of finding that special someone and wanting to be with them all the time, with lines such as “There’s just something about you that I can’t explain / All I know is I want to live like this everyday.”

She sings sweetly over a trademark AmPm track that mixes chill pop with a tropical feel, resulting in a refreshing tune that is perfect for vibing under the summer sun.

The release also includes past AmPm tracks ‘Travelling Light’ and ‘Own This Groove’. All three songs are a great fit for any summer party, so be sure to listen while it’s hot!

Message from Amanda Yang

“‘Everyday’ is about getting caught off guard and falling in love with someone. Being vulnerable is hard. So, I wanted to capture the moments when you realized that you were no longer just ‘casual’ with someone. The moments that showed it grew into something bigger. ‘Everyday’ is about finally letting your guard down and being open to loving someone without restrictions.”

Message from AmPm

“While we have always released tracks that include collaborations with guest vocalists, in 2021 we have also been releasing pure dance-music tracks without vocals. ‘Everyday’ is a combination of both of these approaches, and we think it works great. Above all, we think it is a simple and catchy summer tune, so we hope it will be an enjoyable soundtrack to your summer. It looks as though we are in for another summer of restrictions, but we hope you can turn up the volume a little, lift your spirits and have fun.”

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