Chace & Moksi – For A Day [Official Music Video]

‘Have you ever come across a beautiful person that you instantly fell in love with—only to accidentally swipe left? And a day later you’ve already forgotten all about them. With this song we’re keeping their memory for a few minutes longer.’

– Chace

Let’s throw in another quotation:

’It’s better to have loved and lost / Than never to have loved at all.’

That’s from a Lord Tennyson poem from 1849, and they didn’t even have Tinder in those days. ‘For a Day’ is the first collaboration between Barong Family’s Chinese prodigy Chace and his Dutch label mates Moksi. Love knows no borders, especially not when likeminded producers work on a session together. After finetuning the lyrics, Chace concentrated on his vocals and Moksi worked on the drop, warping a scorned diva sample in a jacking groove. It’s a match!

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