D-Code & Psylence Drop The Music Video For “Can’t Leave You Alone”

Brothers D-Code & Psylence prove that their collective talent runs in the family, with their penchant for deep melodic grooves and an amalgamation of styles shining through their forthcoming single on Program.

Having already premiered on the label through their part in its Program 100 series, they follow up with brand new selections ‘Can’t Leave you Alone’ alongside Laville and ‘Just Might Fall’ featuring South London Neo-Soul singer Meron T.

After a plethora of releases on Nerm’s Shiva Soundsystem Recordings, The Weird & The Wonderful and once before on ProgRAM, the pair have become notorious amid DJing across East London’s clubs and warehouses. With a BBC Radio 1 presenting slot for D-Code, as well as production duties for BAFTA-nominated video game DJ Hero, they’ve proved their multi-faceted approach to music making; this is something which shines through both records. Although with support already from Clash Music, GQ Style, 6 AM and Red Bull, they’ve already laid the foundations for the success of this forthcoming release.

The inversive moods of both tracks, with each providing a drum & bass counterpart, set the tone. ‘Can’t Leave you Alone’ draws you in and out of its motions through Laville’s mellowed vocals, which has its tempo flipped for the single’s next offering. Locking a seminal support slot on John Legend’s recent tour, as well as being a BBC 6 music favourite, Laville makes a welcome addition to the release.

Similarly, ‘Just Might Fall’ presents a multitude of emotions through its sonics, before it’s given a more upbeat rework. So once again, it’s time to get with the Program. One leaving you to bask in the lushness of D-Code & Psylence.

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