Killbox have shared their top influences to celebrate their mammoth ‘Pleasure Palace’ LP

After the announcement that Ed Rush and Audio would be joining arms to present their brand new Killbox project, their stream of releases have been relentless.

Although this can only be expected from artists who have decade’s worth of experience within drum & bass, paving their own ways and even shaping the genre’s foundations.

The epitomic part of their project now comes in the form of their LP ‘Pleasure Palace’, a colossal fourteen tracks which includes a host of unreleased records reclaiming their places as contemporary pillars within the scene. They’re now set to add to their conjoined history and ‘Pleasure Palace’ offers another chapter, alongside many of their standalone, groundbreaking LPs and to celebrate this mammoth release, Killbox have shared their list of influential tunes that inspired them to push their music forward.

Konflikt – Messiah

I have always been a massive fan of reece bass. This track, is the epitome of reece basslines. Its uplifting, eurphoric and beautifully dark all at the same time.

Pendulum – Vault

Nothing sounded like this at the time and everyone wanted to sound like this after.

Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl

This track was influential in what it did for my career. It crossed over to all genres of dnb and really put us on the map as producers.

Bad Company – The Nine

Was a toss up between this and ‘The Pulse’ both amazing tracks. There was a lot of friendly competition back then and when I heard this I remember wanting to get into the studio immediately to try and damage them as they had me.

Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing

Was so different sounding at the time. Clean and dark and minimal. Way ahead of its time.

Jonny L – See Red

Always came with fresh ideas and vibes and this whole “Magnetic” LP is special.

Optical – The Shining ( Ed Rush & Optical Remix)

Incredible remix that destroyed everywhere, The angelic vocal and Reece edits still blow me away today.

Konflict – Gene Sequence

What a journey this tune is, I recommend anyone who’s into DNB to check this.

Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M.

Both of us are huge 90’s hip hop fans as it was our era and hip hop was better then, fact , we’ve both sampled the clan and believe strongly in the art of sampling in music creation not just synthesis.

Dillinja – Nasty Ways

It’s unfair to pick one tune from this legendary producers back catalog, but it is fair to say he has influenced us and countless others in DNB.

Grab your copy of ‘Pleasure Palace’ here.

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