KUURO Unveils Melodic Trap Record “Can’t Say” Featuring Syon on Monstercat

KUURO returned to Monstercat today with his second release of the year, delivering a new moody trap single “Can’t Say” featuring singer-songwriter Syon.

The emotive track assumes The Weeknd-esque vocals, courtesy of Syon, carrying a lush r&b beat through the swells of his trademark percussive trap drops.

KUURO shares, “It’s so challenging to find the right vocal treatment for KUURO tracks, so as soon as I heard the vocal for “Can’t Say” I was immediately hooked. Syon crushed this one! I don’t think I even finished listening to the whole thing before I picked up the phone to call my manager to exclaim ‘this is the one!’ While it’s been some time since I’ve done a moody record, I’m so happy with the result and it definitely inspires me to do more like it in the future!”

can't sayKUURO
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