Yuksek – Sweet Addiction EP

Riding high on a series of media-wide accomplishments, such as television, cinema, and stage writing, all while ardently focusing on live performance and developing his record label Partyfine, Yuksek is now making a salient return after five years as a producer and vocal artist, with ‘Sweet Addiction’, a five track EP that delivers his classic feel-good sound with a touch of modern funk. It’s out now via Partyfine/Believe Records and is available to stream and buy below.



It’s no surprise that Yuksek kicks off the EP with the title track ‘Sweet Addiction’ feat. Her, a new French band known for their hit ‘Five Minutes’ featured in Apple’s most recent iPhone commercial. Yuksek’s collaboration with Her turns ‘Sweet Addiction’ into a genre-blending masterpiece; a catchy vocal jam, guaranteed to satisfy synth-pop and French-indie fans alike. Next in line is ‘Make It Easy’ feat. Monika, a spry Nu Disco track showcasing Yuksek’s synth work and bass line mastery. This record is an instant classic; delivering seamless vibes, start to finish. ‘Golden Age’, the EP’s third track is a sleek disco groove with layers of his own reverbed vocals paired against a funky bass line and lively percussion, curating a spacious yet satisfying ambiance throughout the entire song. ‘Switch Addiction’, the EP’s final track, is a playful flip of the title track. Yuksek matches rhythmic guitar riffs with electronic drum kits, all while mirroring the synth work and bass line of the original song. This tripped-out remix adds a resolving element to the EP by perfectly completing the five-track journey, bringing the listener all the way back to where they began.

‘Sweet Addiction’ administers the perfect fusion of soul, funk, disco, and electro goodness, and serves as the ideal comeback for the classically trained producer. Yuksek has also announced that he is currently readying his third album for release this fall. Be sure to stay tuned to Yuksek’s socials for all upcoming news and announcements!

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