RIOT Drops New Single, ‘Shank’

RIOT is brandishing their label debut on Bassrush Records with “Shank,” a razor-sharp dubstep single that finds the duo flaunting a new dimension of their multifaceted sound.

The Israeli-born, L.A-based duo has been plundering the festival scene with a steady flow of releases made for maximal damage on the dancefloor. High-octane, face-melting dubstep has been the production pair’s primary modus operandi, but they still have a few aces tucked up their sleeves. For their first appearance with the Bassrush crew, RIOT is dialing back the energy ever-so-slightly to make room for some newfound influences to see the light of day.

“Shank” is a festival-ready weapon that culls elements of hip-hop and left-field bass. Its low-slung groove is stealthy like an assassin, swinging and slashing through the space with machine-like precision. Rubbery bass growls and metallic percussive hits handle most of the dirty work, while savage rap vocal chops, epic horn stabs, punchy drum arrangements, chirping accents, and a piercing call-and-response land with a devastating, puncturing force.

RIOT speaks on the new single: “We’ve wanted to work with Bassrush since we won the Discovery Project back in 2016. We’re super thrilled to launch our new sound with Bassrush and there’s a lot more to come.”

Tom Davidson and Daniel Magid have come a long way since they first secured the bag after winning Insomniac’s long-standing Discovery Project DJ/producer competition series, earning a slot on the lineup for the 2016 edition of Nocturnal Wonderland in SoCal.

Operating under the moniker RIOT, the two-man squad eventually joined the Insomniac Music Group family when SLANDER plucked them up for their Gud Vibrations imprint. The label has been their home base for a slew of certified bangers, including their thrashing metal-tinged bits “Juggernaut,” “Louder,” “Herbivore,” and, most recently, their “Arabian Knights” collab alongside the beast of the Middle East, Soltan.

Last year, they experienced a full circle moment when they returned to Discovery Project to host an official remix competition with SLANDER’s label for their most successful single, “Down With Your Love.” Suffice to say, it was only a matter of time before the boys landed their first Bassrush release.

“Shank” takes its place as a prime introduction for RIOT on the label, which shows them sharpening their low-end sensibilities like never before. And it is only the beginning of what has already played out like the origin story of two heroes fighting their way to the top of bass music.

RIOT’s new single “Shank” is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.

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