The Influences of Forbidden Society

Forbidden Society has embodied what it takes to be an independent artist in the digital world.

A label owner, head of a clothing line and a DJ, he’s proved himself to be a multi-faceted part of the drum & bass community, something which has carried through into his music. As well as being part of the hard-lined trio 3RDKND, his solo work has also gained him recognition. However, since his ‘Deadbox’ EP his music has taken a different route, featuring a more stripped back sound with minimalist roots, a change in direction which has been heralded by tastemakers. And this is something which is set to continue with a brand-new album, set to drop on his self-titled Forbidden Society imprint. ‘Liminal Point’ makes a return to the sounds which the Czech producer first started to explore throughout his ‘Deadbox’ EP.

In the lead up to its release, we caught up with Forbidden Society who gives us the lowdown of his artistic inspirations, which range over a massive number of genre-specific influences. You can check them out below!

Alix Perez – Ghosts

This track got me into the Halftime stuff back at 2016. I like to combine melodic, melancholic basslines and this one was a perfect example of it.

Buunshin – Thoughts

I like the combination of the ‘new DNBish’ style and heavy DNB. This is a perfect example of it, you can play this track at a Deep DNB night, but also at full on Neuro night, but also at let’s say Therapy Sessions, everywhere it works.

S.P.Y. – Xenomorph

A Drum & Bass classic, that still works after all these years. Even now if I play this one out, it doesn’t sound outdated and works well on the Dancefloor.

Method Man – The What

If we’re talking Rap / Hip-Hop, then for me it has to be Method Man. I have been always a fan of him, also Wu Tang Clan too.

Judast Priest – Painkiller

If we’re talking Metal, then Judast Priest. Pain Killer is a pure example of a proper Heavy Metal by definition, plus the drum solo – man!

The Shitlickers – Cracked Cop Skulls

If we’re talking punk then it’sthese guys, they are legends of the Punk scene, I think they wereonly 16 years old, when they put out a 10″ inch.

It’s brutal Crush Punk, the way I think Punk should be, just brutal, raw, dirty, not the stuff which is around nowadays.

Tool – 7empest

This one is the from the newest album by Tool. I love this band, but there music isn’t for every day listening, you need to be in a certain mood to listen to their music, but I love their combination of long atmospheric plays and then how they turn into aggressive riffs.

The Prodigy – Their Law

Legends, basically those guys got me into the electronic music scene, like most people I think.

Jóhann Jóhannsonn – The Beast

I like to listen to O.S.T., guys like Zimmer of course, but plenty of others, like this guy. I like it dark, industrial.

Shades – The Saga

Heavy halftime, 140 bpm, with a great visual. Just love Alix Perez and Eprom as part of this project. Individually, too.

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