Magnetude Share 10 Tracks They Have Been Listening To

Magnetude, Receptor, and Task Horizon have recently relaunched the Evolution Chamber imprint and for their first release, Magnetude have brought us their cinematic single – Mantis.

To celebrate its release, we caught up with Magnetude who give us the lowdown of what tracks they’ve been adding to their Spotify playlists this month.

From the big room, dubstep sounds of Moody Good, through to movie soundscapes, their inspirations cover a variety of genres, helping to give an insight into how they conjured the insanity which can be found throughout their debut track on Evolution Chamber.

1. Magnetude – ‘Mantis’

This track took us almost 2 years to get to the level we always dreamt of it reaching and was one of our most testing tunes. We never felt such a high demand for a track, so it was as important as any to ensure it was at a level we could sit back and say ‘Yep, it is finally ready’. We are extremely happy that we can finally let go of this track for everyone to enjoy.

2. Moody Good & Slander (feat. KARRA) – ‘Heartbreak’

It was inevitable that these 2 massive names in EDM combining would end up with something next level, but they totally surpassed themselves with this track. The sound design and overall idea are absolutely amazing. A personal favourite of ours.

3. Misanthrop – ‘Deus’

When Misanthrop hit us up and sent us his LP and said ‘I tried to step out of my comfort zone and deliver an LP that was completely different from what people will expect’ we were instantly drawn in. The whole ‘Analog LP’ is absolutely fantastic from start to finish and it is near impossible to pick just 1 track but ‘Dues’ has all of the characteristics of what we love – original, musical, forward-thinking and packed full of moods and emotions.

4. Sub Urban – ‘Cradles’

It is insane to think that this was Sub Urban’s first (solo) single release. When we heard this, we were totally blown away by how this track went with its catchy melody, with the lyrics also incorporating unexpected sounds that blend everything together in such a seamless way

5. Mefjus & Camo & Krooked – ‘Sidewinder’

Not only are these 3 artists arguably some of our favourite producers, but this collaboration also justifies why they are held in such high regard. This tune has a very oldskool, funky mood with incredible sound design and also proves that they are all about risk-taking.

6. Volac – ‘Russian Style’ (Phlegmatic Dogs Remix)

Though Mr Frenkie has stepped away from Drum & Bass, we have managed to stay in regular contact and remained good friends. It is so great to see how far these guys are doing with their Phlegmatic Dogs project and this remix is just 1 of many incredible tunes! We are massive Bass House fans and this ticks every box for us – Amazing groove, of high quality and grimy!

7. Imanu – ‘Nonplus’

We have been huge fans of Jon’s work since the very start of his career and this minimalistic dance floor killer marks the first release under his new alias IMANU on Noisia’s Vision imprint and tells everyone that he is sticking to the high-quality forward-thinking formula whilst taking no prisoners in doing so.

8. Eptic – ‘Violence’

When writing Friday, we went through a phase of studying synth/Retrowave tracks to inspire us and then stumbled across this beauty from Eptic. This track is incredibly punchy and a retro wave banger and was our introduction into Eptic. We are big fans now!

9. Abis & Signal (feat. Tasha Baxter) – ‘The Wall’ (Buunshin Remix)

Mark (ABIS) and Jon (IMANU) had been hyping about this guy to us way before he entered the fold with his first release, and he has massively lived up to our expectations with some of the biggest tunes this year. His remix of ‘The Wall’ has been nominated for ‘Best Remix’, while he is also up for ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Drum & Bass Arena Awards and deservedly so. The future is massively bright for this guy!

10. Hildur Gudnadottir – Bathroom Dance (Joker OST)

This movie literally blew us both away and we can’t stop talking about it. This track is from the infamous scene of the Joker where he dances in the bathroom – which was totally improvised. The music itself is so emotional, and the scene incredibly powerful. Everything about this scene and movie, we feel will be talked about for many years.

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