Afrojack Announces New Techno Alter, “Kapuchon”

While the last decade saw some of the best talents in dance music coming to limelight – Afrojack remains among the top names in that list! His house music has enthralled a generation of music lovers and influenced many music creators too.

Now, with the dawn of the new decade, Afrojack has now made a dimensional shift in his music journey. Into the underground scene he goes as he announces a new moniker – “Kapuchon”, which in Dutch, means “hoodie”.

Why would you be surprised by the choice of name? 😀

As we gear up for the Tomorrowland winter edition in March, Afrojack has premiered his new music and has announced the new techno side of him via the Tomorrowland One World Radio.

Don’t miss his sets during the winter edition of Tomorrowland! Stay tuned for more updates.

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