Did Hardwell Perform Secretly At Amsterdam Dance Event 2019?

The Dutch superstar was rumored to have performed at ADE under the alias “Mr. X”.

A masked performer at Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano’s Amsterdam Dance Event grabbed the internet’s attention. This anonymous Mr. X opened the party with his warm-up set. Aptly named Mr. X, the man evidently resembled Hardwell as stated by many fans.

To add fuel to fire, Hardwell was also spotted in Sunnery James’s Instagram story with the caption “Thanks for coming out homie”

The rumors started to solidify and spread like wild fire after a picture of Mr. X is posted to Reddit, where in, one can observe the obvious similarities between Hardwell and the masked performer.

Alleged new Hardwell alias “Mr X” from r/EDM

According to the thread, Mr. X’s set was filled with tech-house which is rather far away from Hardwell’s usual progressive bigroom style of music. However, Hardwell surely knows his tech-house as he did play tech-house on many occasions, one being during Ultra Europe 2018.

Let me remind the readers that this was a while before Fisher’s “Losing it” was actually a famous bit of music across all the dance floors of the world.

Hardwell did not make any announcements about his alleged mysterious appearance. This is an exciting piece of information as there are chances that the boss might be back soon.

Stay tuned for more updates on the story.

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