Kristian Nairn, Yellow Claw and Moksi added to the Sunburn City Festival lineup

The Sunburn City Festival that’s happening in the month of October in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai saw the start of the artist reveal yesterday, with the announcement of the mysterious DJ/Producer from France – Malaa.

Now, the line-up has a boost with Hodor from Game Of Thrones, Kristian Nairn set to take the stage at Delhi and Mumbai. Bengaluru is, however, unfortunate to miss out on witnessing this act. The progressive house DJ, who also used to be the resident DJ of Kremlin, a gay club in Belfast, is a complete pack of energy, which is also portrayed during his tour ‘Rave Of Thrones’ in 2014. With the popularity of the show in India having grown like never before, this surely is a crowd-pulling act.

The next announcement is of the Dutch duo, Sam O Neall and MC DMC, who form Moksi. With the blending of different genres in their style, the have created a mark for themselves. The duo has a distinct mark for themselves, being dressed the same always- topped with a hat! Having played their first set Tomorrowland in Belgium, they created a mark for themselves. It’s going to be an interesting addition to the line-up of this festival!

Additionally, Dutch duo – Yellow Claw are also set to feature. Over the past year, Yellow Claw broke into many fresh music landscapes. They co-produced “Hail To The Victor” with Thirty Seconds To Mars for the band’s new album (America), and Yellow Claw also worked with Japan’s biggest J-pop group, J Soul Brothers, to produce their next single.

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