Conro remixes the timeless classic – September!

What a way to kick off September it is, as Conro remixes Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic – September.

The 40th anniversary of the track got a fitting celebration with this incredible remix. The track is out on the Monstercat imprint.

Starting off with thumping beats, that are on the background of the amazing vocals, the track dives you into nostalgic feels when the iconic lines of “Say do you remember? Dancing in September, Never was a cloudy day”. The production gives an incredible dance vibe to the track, making worth listening to a hundred times over.

Having released a recent track on the Monstercat imprint ‘Trippin’, the renowned producer made his comeback on the label. Born into a musical family, Conor Patton started playing the violin at the age of seven. He quickly transformed his passion for violin across many other instruments like the piano, drums, and the guitar, which make his music today, crisp. With a background in rock and alternative music, he still brings that vibe in his electronic music production. It was while living in a 25ft trailer, working as security in a boatyard, that Conro began to break into the dance music spotlight with the release of “Boss” on Kindergarten records that received praise from the upper echelon of Electro producers; which eventually led him to make his debut on Monstercat with the fittingly titled “On My Way Up”.

Conor attributes the ideal working environment in Kelowna to being close enough to the bright lights of Vancouver to remain in touch with city life, but surrounding himself with enough peace and quiet that he can grow as an artist, and further nurture his musical talent.

He has been working on his own production skills, trying to refine the kind of musician he wants to be. Following the chart-topping hit ‘Close’, he has been working on incorporating live elements in the form of guitar and drums in his performances and also makes the effort of doing the vocals, which sounded great in songs like ‘Take Me There’ and ‘Me’.

It’s really exciting to the see the classic having gotten a rework that is of such quality. You will certainly hear it in all your favorite cafes and bars for a long time now! What do you think of this remix? Let us know in the comments section below.

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