Relive your streaming habits with the 2018 Spotify Wrapped feature


A customized look at your streaming habits through 2018.

Spotify’s annual Wrapped status determines the music trends and artists for the upcoming year. The 2018 Spotify Wrapped feature is out now, and it is almost like an early Christmas for all its listeners. It gives its listeners a customized look at their streaming habits through 2018. Listeners can now find out the total hours they have spent listening to music on Spotify, their favorite genres, their favorite artists and much more.

All one has to do is connect to their Spotify account once they are on the 2018 Spotify wrapped website and browse through all of their listening habits. These stats include:

  • The first song you heard in 2018
  • How many minutes you spent listening to music on Spotify
  • How many hours you spent with your favorite artist
  • Your top artists, songs, and genres of music
  • Your top 100 songs of 2018 (in a playlist)
  • Your favorite musical subgenre
  • The oldest song you listened to in 2018
  • The podcasts you listened to in between songs
  • The songs Spotify think you will like apart from the ones you normally hear with their tastebreaker’s feature

There is definitely nothing more personalized than this, especially for every individual listener. Spotify’s undying spirit of customizing all Spotify experiences for their its users makes tastebreaker a remarkable feature of 2018.

Now, while every listener can view his stats, a lot of other information has been revealed for 2018. Drake and Ariana were the most streamed male and female artists. Cardi B was the third most streamed female artist with Dua Lipa at number 2.

Moving on, Hip Hop was the most heard genre that dominated 2018. Another interesting stat is that Latin music experienced a steep rise in 2018 with Balvin Ozuna and Bad Bunny all claiming spots in the top 10 most streamed artists along with Camila Cabello taking on some Latin pride by being the 5th most streamed female artist. It’s definitely time to hear some Latin tunes.

Apart from this, Taylor Swift came in at number 4 in the most streamed female artists, Post Malones “Rockstar” and “Psycho” made it to the top 5 of the most streamed tracks. Post Malone and Drake are also top two in the US top male artists list followed by Cardi B and Ariana in the US top female artists list. The US top Albums include Drakes’s Scorpion, Post Malones beerbong & Bentley’s,? by XXXTENTACION and Invasion of Privacy by Cardi B. Overall it definitely seems like this year has set the bar very high for 2019 and we cannot wait to hear all the songs and albums that are going to come out this year.

While we wait for the next Spotify Wrapped, who do you think are going to be the most streamed artists next year?

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