Animal Language – Dutch Disco [Animal Language]


If Holland is an ocean of arm waving EDM producers and chin stroking deep tech-house tweakers there is somewhere an island that is the home for the misfits and forward thinkers not involved in either scene.

This recently discovered paradise is ‘Dutch Disco’; a home to some of the country’s funkier and more innovative musical inhabitants. It is a place where you can dare to be different. You can even take your clothes off and just groove out without worrying what those around you think.

As a new generation of Dutch producers tends to bring in new flavours, the Dutch Disco’s inhabitants have brought a taste of their isolated paradise by way of this nine track album. The collection spans from the all out feel good vocal house of Auxiliary Tha Masterfader to the jackin’ dark disco vibes of 2CV, l’Equipe Du Son and Mason through to the new rave madness of Nobody Beats the Drum and the epic italo of Doctr, Machinegewehr, Teddy’s Philly Sound and Pin Up Club. The first colonists of this new place are all here with different shapes, sizes and sounds.

In short, this is not a disco album, but a postcard from a place with a dark Dutch Disco state of mind. Nobody cares if you are wearing roller skates or figure hugging spandex. Of course the most important thing of all is that everyone is having fun and that the music is right. Welcome to the Island and enjoy your stay.


1. Pin Up Club – Sundays

2. Machinegewehr – Human Remains

3. Mason – Nite Rite Four

4. Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Feel About

5. 2CV – Pas De Francais

6. Teddy’s Philly Sound – Golden Backup Plan

7. L’ Equipe Du Son – The Nightwatch

8. Doctr – Traveling To A World Beyond The Galaxy

9. Nobody Beats The Drum – ’95 Jive

Grab the album here.

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