Artists Go Aqua Blue In Support Of Jayz’s Tidal Streaming Service


Noticed all your favorite artists all across Facebook modifying their profile pictures and cover photos to a simple solid aqua blue?

Well this is to show support for Jay Z’s new streaming service, TIDAL. The service has technically been available in the UK and U.S. since September last year, but has obviously received very little media coverage as users still continue to trickle in slowly. TIDAL boasts that it is “the first high fidelity, lossless [FLAC] music streaming service with 25 million tracks, 75,000 music videos, and expert editorial from experienced music journalists.”

TIDAL offers a Premium and HiFi subscription for $9.99 and $19.99, respectively.

Available across iOS and Android devices, as well as in web browser and desktop players, TIDAL offers high fidelity, lossless sound quality to enjoy music the way it was intended by your favorite artists. Streaming at more than four times the bit rate of competitive services, users are able to enjoy TIDAL on a wide range of the world’s finest home and portable audio products. Partnership and integration agreements have already been made with over 30 of the world’s most respected audio brands.

Artists such as deadmau5, Usher, Calvin Harris & Daft Punk have all changed their profile pics!


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