Cuebrick – Demon/Save Me EP [Available April 27]


While Germany may be synonymous for its techno and house scenes, there’s a ripple in the undercurrent in young Stuttgart resident Cuebrick. With a number of breakout tracks last year, Enhanced welcomes the producer with his first full length EP.

As featured on Tritonal’s recent compilation album, ‘Demon’ & ‘Save Me’ served as two of the standout tracks from the album which whipped the EDM community into a storm. Naturally finding a home on Enhanced, Cuebrick’s debut release sees these two impressive tracks unleashed in full.

Kicking off the EP is the aptly titled ‘Demon’ which sees Cuebrick build a suitably ferocious flexing Progressive House monster, ebbed along with delicate melodies, unique chords and tied up with invigorating vocal stabs.

‘Save Me’ again sees Cuebrick’s unique talents at work to forge a truly progressive masterpiece. Breathing fresh air into a stagnant format, ‘Save Me’ truly lives up to its name and injects much needed innovation into the genre with crunching bass, driving FX and powerful vocals.

One of the strongest debuts seen on Enhanced, this is Cuebrick!

Listen to Cuebrick – Demon/Save Me EP below.

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