Dreamy – Zap Cannon/Overboard EP [#138]


The #138 success story continues and lifts off in 2015 with its first offering of the year thanks to a killer EP from Dreamy thanks to a double header in the form of the ‘Zap Cannon/Overboard’ E.P.

Kicking off with ‘Zap Cannon’, it’s a euphoric adrenaline junkie from the off, thanks to the rolling bassline, euphoric chords and slamming percussion to back it all up. Trance heads will really dig this one, especially the lush break down and slamming drop.

On the flip there’s ‘Overboard’ which continues in a similar vein and delivers a raucous bass line, bags of energy and a breakdown that takes you back to those classic trance moments of the nineties. Thanks to the warm bass, uplifting chords and euphoric energy. Huge!

Listen to Dreamy – Zap Cannon/Overboard EP below.

Grab the EP here.

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