Electronic Artist Creates Own Strain Of Weed


Funk legend, Griz recently announced to the world, his latest creation; a strain of weed named, ‘GriZ Kush’.

Just in time for 4/20 GriZ Kush is crafted from the parent plants Tangerine Haze and Pakistan Chitral Kush.

I can’t believe I actually created my own strain of weed. It’s called GRiZ Kush and is a very real thing, and really really good. You can try it for yourself available at all of the Native Roots retail shops in Colorado while still available. Also say “GET THE FUNK DOWN” for a $4.20 gram joint until 4/20 is over. Happy early 4/20 everyone! Love -G

For all our readers in legal marijuana smoking zones, you may wanna get your hands on some GriZ Kush?

Khushrav Bhada
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