Know Your Artist: Cosmic Gate


First they woke your mind… now Start To Feel! From Cosmic Gate’s very first drumbeat through to ‘Start to Feel’ – their new convention-challenging long-player – they’ve proved to be the perfect alliance of musical minds.

As DJs, feeding off each other’s turntable creativity, Cosmic Gate continues to push floors to supernova around the globe.

Next up on their list of dance-floors to be smashed is Mumbai, India on occasion of “ASOT Festival Asia” brought to you by Sunburn Festival on June 6, 2015.

With just a few days to go for the event, we have compiled a list of 5 facts which you may or may not know about the German DJ/Producer duo. Make sure you share it with your friends! 🙂

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Cosmic Gate

1. Turntable Life B.C.G. (*Before Cosmic Gate!)

Nic & Bossi were both cutting their teeth as DJs long before they met and formed Cosmic Gate. By the time they came together and started getting bookings, they had already been resident DJs in clubs in their hometown for a long time. All those already-learned skills helped them become what they are today.

2. Cosmic Gate… Only By A Chance Encounter

In 1998 Nic was a member of another group and Bossi worked under his solo project name, DJ Bossi. They ran into each other while they were both working in a studio in Cologne. When everyone else left for the night, they were the only two remaining and started jamming together. The product of that night was their first single ‘The Drums’, which a former A&R of EMI heard and fell in love with it. The track was signed even before a name for the project name was finalized.

3. Remix of the theme song, “I See You” from the movie, ‘Avatar’.

In 2010 Nic & Bossi were approached by US label Atlantic Records to remix ‘I See You’ – the theme from the movie ‘Avatar’ (aka the highest grossing film of all time). The work of James Horner, their remix was given the blessing and official seal of approval by the esteemed Hollywood composer. Cosmic Gate describe it as one of their proudest professional moments to date.

4. Fire Wire – The Smash That Was Never Meant To Be

One of Cosmic Gate’s biggest hits is ‚’Exploration Of Space’, which went to #12 in the official German sales charts. ‘Fire Wire’, another hit synonymous with Cosmic Gate, was originally ‘Exploration Of Space’s vinyl B-Side and was made purely as a DJ tool for their DJs sets. But in the UK Fire Wire became a huge club anthem and made its way into the UK sales charts to #9!! Fire Wire – it’s the Cosmic Gate single that was never meant to be!

5. How The Album ‘Earth Mover’ Got Its Name

‘Earth Mover’ was called ‘Earth Mover’ after the synth/sound the guys used for the album’s title track. The guys liked the name „Earth Mover“, used it and translated it as ‘a sound that could move the Earth’. When the album was in production and artwork all done, they discovered that the Earth Mover was actually a machine!

If you still haven’t, you can still book your tickets and witness the magic of Cosmic Gate at “ASOT Festival Asia”. Click here for more information. 🙂

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