New Release: Markus Schulz – Remember This (Original + Mark Sherry Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings]


Every once in a while, a track comes along which catalyses emotion, euphoria and moments that resonate beyond the immediacy of the dance floor. Inspired by a bus tour adventure and developed through experiences at Ministry of Sound in London, Mandarine in Buenos Aires and the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Markus Schulz’s Remember This was born, and countless memories have been generated ever since.

Over the past year, Remember This transformed from instrumental fuel, to the highlight of the night, to an anthem which touches the soul of trance lovers from any generation. When planning for the Scream 2 Bus Tour, Markus teamed up again with Love Rain Down vocalist Seri to develop an additional layer, named Message in the Sky. The result is a greater emotion, harnessed by the existing original, and combined with her angelic tones to provide a shiver down the spine.

And to provide Remember This with a new dimension, Markus turned to the on-form Scotsman Mark Sherry; a man who has been on an incredible streak of originals and remixes such as Max Graham’s The Evil ID and The Space Brothers’ track The Same Journey. He coats the track with his infectious tech influences and outrageous drops, and has already become a highly requested moment throughout Markus’ Ibiza residency at Amnesia and beyond.

The story of Remember This may only have a year of roots, but will continue to emit feelings for many more to come; and most significantly, mark moments to remember.

Available on Beatport.

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