News: Miami City Commission delays Ultra ban voting until April 2014!


What happened with the Ultra ban?

Well, we won’t find out for another two weeks, because the Miami City Commission has just delayed the issue till its next meeting on April 24.

Originally scheduled to be discussed, considered, and voted upon today, the resolution was withdrawn by both sponsors, Mayor Tomás Regalado and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, just before everybody recessed for a late lunch break.

Tabling this move “prohibiting the Bayfront Park Management Trust from holding the Ultra Music Festival in the future” was initially suggested by Sarnoff.

Then Regalado stepped up to the podium to express his agreement and provide an explanation for the surprise removal of the resolution from today’s agenda.

“We heard the concerns of every commissioner, the chairman, Commissioner Suarez, in terms of the wording of the motion,” the mayor said. “And everybody wants to discuss, I would love to discuss Ultra. But I think that it satisfies everyone if we discuss this on the next commission meeting.”

Regalado added that members of the community had also voiced wishes to be a part of the debate: “We got calls today at the office from merchants at Bayside, saying they would want to come if they were allowed.”

The withdrawal itself didn’t require a vote. And it was immediately accepted by the commission. However, the mayor made it clear that whatever might be addressed at the April 24 meeting would not be identical to today’s motion.

“This will be a different item,” Regalado said. “It’s not this item. It’s a totally different item.”

Later, he added: “It will be a discussion item.” Or, in other words, not a resolution requiring a vote. But the mayor said: “The discussion item could result in action.”

Meanwhile, Ultra Music Festival and its fans continue to fight the ban. And so far, the petition to “Keep UMF in Miami” has 32,408 supporter signatures.

The Miami City Commission will discuss Ultra at 10 a.m. sharp on April 24.

Via – Miami New Times

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