Quadrakey – 24 Hour Time EP [Tooman Records]


Berlin-based label Tooman Records presents its debut release – an elegant three-track EP from Quadrakey. ‘24 Hour Time’ EP as it’s called, opens with the zesty rhythm of Quadrakey’s ‘Time’, which expirements with the modernistic deep house sounds while catering to the authenticity of the past.

‘24’ works really well with the flow of the EP. Chords that transcend the generic house boundaries, coupled with a groovy bassline, makes it a fun offering for club goers and house music lovers alike.

‘Hour’ makes a for perfect end to the EP. Steady and consistent, while packing in varied creatives, makes this tune a definite addition to our playlist.

The innovative use of instruments and creative musicality are some qualities to watch out for with this EP. A fitting debut thus, comes in the form of the ‘24 Hour Time’ EP.

Listen to Quadrakey – 24 Hour Time EP below.

Grab it here.