Review: Armada Deep House Selection Vol. 3 (The Finest Deep House Tunes)


After receiving a thunderous response from listeners which lead to the massive success of ‘Deep House Selection Volume 2”, Armada Music has released the third installment under the name “Deep House Selection Volume 3” on 6th June 2014. This Compilation contains 20 of the deepest and funkiest tracks that will have you tapping your toes and nodding your head, immersing it deeper and deeper into music produced by heavyweights like Mark Knight, Syn Cole, 16 Bit Lolitas and many more. Ranging from minimal and foreboding atmospheres to chilled-out beach grooves, ‘Armada Deep House Selection Volume 3’ covers the entire expanse of the genre, placing exceptional quality at the heart of it all.

The album starts off with ‘The Return of Wolfy’ by Mark Knight which is a piano based classic house track. It symbolizes the house music era of the 90’s because of its drum infused bassline, banging beats and beautiful synth intervals to get the listeners grooving, making it a perfect summer track. It offers a refreshing change due to those amazing piano tunes and the vocals add richness to this track bringing back those delicious vibes.

Next is the remix of Syn Cole’s ‘Miami 82’ by Kygo, a 22 year old Norwegian producer who has delivered many innovative remixes and emerged as a leader in deep house music. Starting off with four to the floor kick followed by heavy tribal percussion, the vocals by Madame Buttons are weaved into a poppy drum kit texture shifting the track’s gear and attaining a pure lush vibe teleporting listeners to the sunny weather of Miami Beach.

‘Conjure Balearia’ by Marco Plex is a dark, brutal and dramatic track that begins with voice sample of a news announcer followed by soft, progressive chords giving this track a euphoric edge. This marvelous techno tune is filled with fiery bass, strong percussion, fast paced signature synths and a bang on musical climax.

UK’s underground sensation Bontan’s ‘Move on Out’ kick-start with spunky beats and crisp drum sounds merged within a round, deep bass and catchy vocals. It’s a summer jam that will definitely get listeners dancing tirelessly.

‘Dimension’ marks German Producer Paji’s collaboration with Juliet Sikora. ‘Dimension’ delves into a deeper region with driving bass and beautiful vocal duet. A wavy guitar interlude along with hard-hitting beats will keep the crowd high on this magic. It showcases Paji’s ability to fuse live instrumental sounds such as electric violin into his high class productions.

Chi Thanh’s ‘Stone’ symbolizes the feeling of losing your mind and soul to those magical moments in life and experiencing the emotions touching your heart generated by those hypnotic vocals, peppy synths and funky basslines. It has all the elements required to reach to the top of charts.

‘Come And Get It’ by Electro House Dutch Duo Ducked Ape teaming up with French Vocalist Pablo Ravley is a brilliant track. Ducked Ape have definitely taken next step by utilizing styles like big room house and trance sounds to widen the horizon of the genre to the dance floor crowd. This track is deep, punchy and addictive. This track is a retro journey which is ahead of its times. It’s deep house beauty which will turn out to be one of the biggest house hits this summer.

‘Way Too Bad’ by Mat.Joe will leave an imprint in your head because of smooth vocals and funky beats. This track is a true dance floor killer depicting quality tunes. The transition from funky beats to symphonic progressions at the breakdown is outstanding, labeling ‘Way Too Bad’ a track to watch out this summer.

‘Need A Ride’ by In.Deed starts with piano beats supporting the smooth vocals followed by harmonious basslines and guitar strings creating a party in listeners ears and mind. It will surely make its way in the house dance music history.

‘Tell Me’ by Lost Frequencies featuring Chesqua’s voice offers a variety of sounds ranging from piano tunes, crispy tribal beats and above all sensual saxophone interludes mixed with Chesqua’s dreamy voice, thus making ‘Tell Me’ one of the melodious gems in this compilation.

‘Spend It All’ by Journeyman is moody, dark club track showcasing smooth beats and infectious vocal and rattling percussion. Those high quality strings add erotic glow to this track making ‘Spend It All’ a tribal house gem. ‘Spend It all’ has the ability to create a magical atmosphere filled with emotions.

‘I Swear’ by Luke Hassan is more of a sound wave as it is deep, dark but at the same time funky and breezy track. It starts off with punchy beats and hymn sounds followed by piano tunes enhancing unpredictability of this track. This track is bound to be a part of this compilation and will emerge as a track to watch out for in the near future.

‘Touch Me’ by Saccao and D-Compost feat Cotry is a sizzling deep house track showcasing Cotry seductive vocals saying ‘When You Touch Me’ mixed perfectly with bouncy beats.

‘Hommage’ by Sharpener is a refreshing track which involves saxophones sounds mixed perfectly with energetic beats and heavy baselines. The vocal samples add to the charm of this track.

‘By My Side’(Mould & Niko de Vries radio edit) featuring Ellie Ka’s classy vocals will set the tempo high and crowd grooving on its peppy beats complementing Ellie’s sensual voice and driving basslines.

‘Fat Fly’ by 16 Bit Lolitas is a deep house track that will take listeners on a nice melodic journey with its techno beats, electro grooves and strings to create a superb soundscape. It is a high on quality track with a dark, dramatic touch to give listeners a different experience.

‘Don’t Stop’ by Andrey Exx and Hot Hotels is s deep house track with energetic bassline and gripping tunes along with funky groove and magnetic low pitched vocal samples. Its infectious rhythm will definitely let clubbers loose on the dance floor and enjoy it to the maximum level possible. It is a package full of surprises and will attract the attention of listeners because of its melodramatic theme with a deep edge every time they listen to it. This track has the word ‘Chartbuster’ written all over.

Armada Music ‘Deep House Selection Volume 3’ is a prized possession for all dance music lovers. This Compilation offers tracks covering various tastes and preferences of listeners and reflects the best of club sounds by channelizing the energy and mystique of the clubbers for a perfect dance party. All tracks in this compilation have been meticulously crafted and brilliantly executed making this emotional journey a smooth ride from start to finish.

– Review by Samir Goyal.

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