Review: Ferry Tale – The Wizard


Ferry Tayle is back with a brand new album after a hiatus of four years, and his ‘magic’ is visible throughout his 16 track saga aptly titled ‘The Wizard’.

There isn’t a lot of complicated stuff in this album, just a lot of simple things done right. From attention to vocals to violins and piano chords, everything just seems to fall in place perfectly.

The album opens with an intro track ‘Let The Magic Happen’ which is a short preview of what follows later on in the album. It’s purpose is to prepare you for the magic you will hear in the rest of the album.

Glorious Deception builds up into an uplifting drop before descending into a lovely violin melody before going back to unleash the massive drop. The melody is the magical element in this track.

Metamorphosis follows on the footsteps of Glorious Deception, with the change being a trumpet like sound instead of the violin sound. Both tracks are equally good.

The Way Back Home kicks off with a melody that you could pass off as something you must have heard in your childhood. It’s the first track you hear vocals on in this album and once you hear the vocals, you know it was the perfect track to introduce the vocals in. The combination of the melody and the soothing vocals is perfect. Ferry Tayle takes the album a notch higher with this track.

Rescue Me is a track with a stunning piano melody and equally stunning vocals making the track one of the more peaceful and serene tracks on the album. It’s another track where Ferry Tayle has hit the bullseye and it’s a pleasure to listen to.

Down-tempo tracks and remixes are slowly gaining recognition into the mainstream music scene with a number of artists producing such tracks. Ferry Tayle has also included a down-tempo track and it’s the first track on the album where he steps away for uplifting trance. The result we get is ‘The One I’ll Never Be’ which is a piece down-tempo brilliance. It comes as a refreshing change from the rest of the tracks and establishes itself as one of the better tracks on the album.

Memory of Me is a track where you must simply forget everything else and close your eyes and listen. You’ll be transported to paradise. The breakdown is something you just can’t stop listening to.

Battle of The Barrels is the collaboration with Stonevalley and it is really impressive.

The Wizard is the outdo track of the mix that is wonderfully crafted and has all the elements in place to close out a memorable and magical album.

The album overall is highly impressive and one can see the effort put into this album. All one can wish for is to have the next Ferry Tayle album released sooner than four years, and to keep hearing more of such blissful music from him.


01. Ferry Tayle – Let The Magic Happen (Album Intro Mix)

02. Ferry Tayle feat. Poppy – The Way Back Home (Album Mix)

03. Ferry Tayle feat. Driftmoon – Geometrix (Album Mix)

04. Ferry Tayle – Metamorphosis (Album Mix)

05. Ferry Tayle – Glorious Deception (Album Mix)

06. Ferry Tayle feat. Sarah Shields & Ludovic H. – The Most Important Thing (Album Mix)

07. Ferry Tayle feat. Hannah Ray – Memory Of Me (Album Mix)

08. Ferry Tayle – Trapeze (The Wizard Album Mix)

09. Ferry Tayle feat. Erica Curran – Rescue Me (Album Mix)

10. Ferry Tayle feat. Poppy – The One I’ll Never Be (Album Mix)

11. Ferry Tayle feat. Karybde & Scylla – Glitterings Of Hope (Album Mix)

12. Ferry Tayle feat. Suncatcher – Origami (Album Mix)

13. Ferry Tayle & Daniel Kandi – Flying Blue (Album Mix)

14. Ferry Tayle & Stonevalley – Battle Of The Barrels (Album Mix)

15. Ferry Tayle – Broadway Avenue (Album Mix)

16. Ferry Tayle – The Wizard (Album Outro Mix)

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– Review by Shantanu Puro

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