Skrillex discusses collaborating with artists and works with Boys Noize in the Red Bull Studios NYC on new Dog Blood songs!


It’s nearly been a year since we last saw a release from Dog Blood, the side project formed between electronic music heavyweights Skrillex and Boys Noize, but the pair have just announced that their sophomore EP is finally finished.

In this exclusive interview at NYC’s Red Bull Studios, both (Skrillex & Boys Noize) give us a glimpse of their session as they work to finish their 2nd EP. The two offer fans plenty of insight into the dynamics of their Dog Blood project, including the differences they have in production styles. In addition, Skrillex enlightens us with a tune we can expect to hear on the upcoming EP entitled “Shred or Die“, he describes the track as a “skate, punk metal song” that will include a lot of guitar influence. “Dog Blood. It’s like blood of your f*ckin dog, or homie, or crew,” according to Skrillex.

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