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German Trance duo, Stoneface & Terminal, last gave us an album in 2007 and are back now with their second effort “Be Different”, that took more than a year to make. The album has tracks covering various styles and that makes it one of those albums where everyone can claim a different “favourite” track off the album. With great collaborations and cutting edge productions pushing their artistic boundaries, Stoneface and Terminal nail this album and it will go on to be one of their most significant achievements.


T.H.E – Music Encyclopedia got the chance to talk to Stoneface & Terminal about their new album! Read on to know what they had to say. :)

T.H.E – Hey Guys! Firstly congratulations on the release of “Be Different”! Tell us a bit about the response it has received?

Stoneface & Terminal – We’ve got a lot of amazing feedback about Be Different and it makes us very happy. One thing we really like is that the feedback is coming from all over the world, not only from one or two areas.

T.H.E – This is your 2nd artist album. Your first one, “Wide Range” came out in 2007. Judging by its success, people would have definitely expected your second album to come out much sooner than 7 years. Your thoughts?

Stoneface & Terminal – We really needed some time for a decision because we weren’t sure about releasing a new artist album as the illegal downloads took overhand in our scene. It takes so much time to create an album, it costs money etc. and at the end, most of the people download it illegally. That’s disrespectful to our hard work and creativity. Well, at the end Euphonic came up and talked to us in the right way. Now we are really happy with the result and we hope that people will like it and support us.

T.H.E – You’ll know each other since your school days. How much does that help working with each other?

Stoneface & Terminal – Over all the years we built a blind understanding about the music we do. Each of us knows what the other one means and wants. This is very important and helpful if you try to create some new ideas etc.. So, yes it helps a lot.

T.H.E – There are some interesting collaborations in the album, most notably with Kyau & Albert, Ellie Lawson, Sean Ryan, Amurai, Ronski Speed & Synthea and Ana Criado! Could you tell us a bit more as to how these collaborations came about? What goes into picking artists you wish to collaborate with apart from previous experiences (if any)?

Stoneface & Terminal – For Kyau & Albert, we know them since a long time. So we all came up with the idea to make a track together. The same goes for Ronski Speed. We know Ellie Lawson and Ana Criado from Raz Nitzen who did the vocal production for “Breaking Through” with Ellie and “One Heart” with Ana. After we did the track with Ellie, she asked us to do another collaboration. Amurai and Sean Ryan asked us if we need vocalists for our music. We love their voices, so we did the tracks with them. We always look for singers who have a special note and emotion in their voice, that brings us to great ideas for tracks.

T.H.E – Could you tell us what was the thinking behind naming the album as, “Be Different”! Does it in anyway, reflect the sounds one can expect from the album?

Stoneface & Terminal – The idea is to “Be Different” to all the EDM stuff that’s out there at the moment. There’s so much more in electronic dance music than the same drops and sounds. We did work with special different sounds, rhythms and percussions because we think a lot of this stuff is almost forgotten these days.

T.H.E – Moving away from the album, we would love to know how did you Guys get into music production.

Stoneface & Terminal – We started in the mid 90’s with a five guys project called Terminal. Later, around 2001, we just were 2 Guys. The other guys left the project because of different jobs and private stuff. But both of us had the belief in the music and in what we did. So we tried everything to come up in the scene and in 2004 we did our first big deal with Euphonic.

T.H.E – We would like to end with some quick-fire questions.

T.H.E – Your favourite Stoneface & Terminal track.

Matthi: Stoneface & Terminal – Moment

Henry: Stoneface & terminal – Blueprint

T.H.E – One city/venue you’ll enjoy playing the most.

Matthi: Creamfields

Henry: Mandarine Club Buenos Aires was great.

T.H.E – Favourite trance producer at the moment.

Matthi: none special

Henry: none special

T.H.E – Thank you Guys for giving us this opportunity! Felt great knowing a bit more about the thinking that goes into creating an impressive album such as this! We would like to wish you good luck with all your future endeavours.

Stoneface & Terminal – Really, thank you for the interview guys and of course for your great support of Stoneface & Terminal :-)

You can purchase “Be Different” on Beatport.

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