T.H.E Interview – Mord Fustang


Following numerous Beatport Top 10 smashes and a slew of top festival and club appearances, DJ/producer Mord Fustang is fresh from releasing his debut album, “9999 in 1”, on his own label, Magic Trooper.


9999 in 1 finally lifts the curtain on the enigmatic wizard famed for merging teched-out house, disco, electro, glitch, and hard bass grooves in a single track. You can read our review of it right here.


We recently got a chance to speak to Mord in a bit more detail about the album, his must-haves in the studio and whether an album tour is on the cards. Read on to find out what Mord had to say. :)

T.H.E – First up, congratulations on the release of your album, Mord. How would you describe it in 3 words?

Mord – Mega Exciteshroom Adventure

T.H.E – With the ever changing trends and growing sub-genres, what was your inspiration for the album? Were you tempted to drift in a new direction with ‘9999 in 1’?

Mord – I guess a little bit yes, it definitely feels different, yet it is very familiar to me. The inspiration comes from the golden era of 8-bit and 16-bit video games, mostly 16-bit JRPGs, stuff lke Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. 9999 in 1 is supposedly a pirated video game cartridge that has 9999 of something on it, but it’s a scam. There are only 10 short adventures.

T.H.E – Album aside, how did you ‘discover’ (for lack of a better word) your sound? Any software or hardware synth that you have been using from back in the day?

Mord – I have no idea. It has all just come together by trial an error, by years and years of experimentation. The more recent sounds come from analog synths, the simplest kind, with 2 or 3 oscillators. I love my Moog SlimPhatty and all my Korg synths.

T.H.E – What are your ‘must-haves’ in the studio, while producing?

Mord – Laptop and decent headphones.

T.H.E – Playstation or Xbox?

Mord – I got a PSOne for my 9th birthday, so PlayStation.

T.H.E – “1-up mushrooms and disco basslines”, how else would you describe your sound?

Mord – A hodgepodge of arpeggios, chords, and random blips and bloops, I guess?

T.H.E – Is there any new gear that you are excited to purchase for the studio or implement in your live shows? You always seem to have an interesting setup for your live shows.

Mord – Thanks. Yes I always try to look into the more innovative controllers and companies that make them. Currently I am working at incorporating more 16 pads and perhaps a bigger touch screen into my live set. Feeling confident to include a keyboard even.

T.H.E – What’s next for Mord Fustang on the touring front? More solo shows? An album tour?

Mord – Definitely a tour around the album! To be announced!

T.H.E – Lastly, what are your ‘Essential 3 tracks’ at the moment?

Mord –

1. Haywyre – Insight

2. Feed Me – Spilt Milk

3. Mr. Oizo – Ham

T.H.E – Thank you for the interview Mord! We are looking forward to hearing more from you in the near future! :)

Mord – Thank you! All the best to you as well!

You can grab the album right here.

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