Various Artists – Infrasonic Miami 2015 [Infrasonic Recordings]


It’s that time of year again when industry head honcho’s, clubbers, supporters and followers flock to Miami for the Winter Music Conference.

In homage to the iconic event, Infrasonic Recordings have meticulously handpicked 10 of our favourite peak time, festival slammers that will really do the business.

Beginning with some of our progressive favourites from the likes of 3rd Planet and Vitiodito, we then move into some of Infrasonic’s stalwarts such as Meridian, Solis & Sean Truby and Arkham Knights. Then with all cylinders firing, the compilation rounds out with behemoths such as ‘It’s Alright’ from Adam Nickey and the killer Ultimate remix of ‘Timeless’ from Solis & Sean Truby.

Grab it here.


1 : Tomac feat. Lokka Vox – Black Moon (Original Mix)

2 : Vitodito – Salty (Solid Stone Remix)

3 : 3rd Planet – Flashback (Original Mix)

4 : Meridian & Vidoven With Tiff Lacey – Phoenix (Original Mix)

5 : Solis & Sean Truby – Scorch (Original Mix)

6 : Arkham Knights – Urban Decay (Original Mix)

7 : Arkham Knights & Harry Square – Jedi (Original Mix)

8 : Dreamy – Zap Cannon (Original Mix)

9 : Adam Nickey – It’s Alright (Original Mix)

10 : Solis & Sean Truby feat. Anthya – Timeless (Ultimate Remix)

To listen to all the tracks above, click here.

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