Varun Marwah – Ozone (Preview) [Available February 27]


DJ turned Producer Varun Marwah lands his first ever release, “Ozone” on Cloud Of Silence Records.

The track kicks in with a minute-long intro that breaks into a delightful melody with a sweet flute sound, creating a lovely build up that eventually transcends into to the hard-hitting first drop, that’s got a sound you’d probably hear in an older Zedd track. It sets the mood up for a nice electro track, before you’re taken back to that delightful flute melody, which then leads you to a progressive second drop, a refreshing change from the first drop, before quickly changing the tone of track again, and bang! We have the absolutely wild and hard-hitting drop once again. It’s a good production, a track that gives you a little bit of everything, a rather complete track that leaves you delighted and all ready to hit replay! Check it out below and make sure to grab it on Beatport when it will be out on February 27, 2014!

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