Video: “You f**king nut!” Deadmau5 takes Eric Prydz for a Miami Coffee Run!


When it comes to his ‘Coffee Run’ video series, Joel Zimmerman is on a roll. While in Miami last month for the Mau5trap vs. Pryda party and a last-minute slot at Ultra Music Festival, the always-active producer filmed a few installments. After uploading his highly-entertaining cruise around South Beach with Laidback Luke, today he dropped his outing with long-time buddy Eric Prydz. As the ‘mau5 quips, “If you want to do Coffee Runs with DJs, this is the place to do it.”

The ‘episode’ was filmed ahead of the pair’s back-to-back set at their joint label showcase. “We haven’t spoken about what we’re going to play, or who’s going to do what,” Prydz laughs as they set out, before later adding, ”When you start planning things too much, it’ll just go belly-up.”

In this ‘Coffee Run’, the guys delve into their pre-fame lives. Prydz talks about making music on the Amiga 500, while Zimmerman reveals what he used to get up to while working in a cannery. Talk then turns to the booming dance scene in India, Prydz’s ‘HOLO’ plans for Ultra (“I spent my whole fee, plus hundreds of thousands on this shit”), and several more topics along the way.

Naturally, Zimmerman has to show Prydz a photo of his pride and joy, the Purrari, to which his passenger can only reply, “You fucking nut.” Hit play to watch the freewheeling chat, and count how many times someone starts yelling “That’s Deadmau5!” from the sidewalk.

Watch it below!

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