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Easy living dance music addict with an unashamed addiction to travel. Spending most of my days exploring new surroundings with a pair of headphones on and a laptop in my hand.

Caitlin MacNamara – Never Rains

Currently working on her debut album, London singer Caitlin MacNamara treats us to a summery slice of garage with “Never Rains.” Out through Sound Familiar, this bouncing anthem has us feeling on fine form.

UTC ft. Angie – Blame It On My Body

Wearing a distinctly 80’s musical influence on his sleeve, the uniquely named Universe & The Citizen aka UTC drops an old school tinged cut for his first ever release.

Perttu ft. Malou – Milky Way

Blessing Universal Music’s German division with his awesome new sound this week is Perttu, an artist originally from Finland.

Sergioisdead ft. Hyara – All Of The Things

Filled with intricate attention to detail throughout is the new track from sergioisdead, creator of the viral “U” featuring Merges.

Royale – The Rhythm Is You

If the name Royale is unfamiliar to you, then that could soon be about to change. Hailing from Paris, France and a trio made up of band members Mattieu Tosi and brotherly pairing Laurent and Jean-Noel Wilthien, Royale debut with their first ever release.

Hanne Mjøen & Jimi Somewhere – Fall Down

With many outlets and artists citing them both as acts to watch, Scandinavian creators Hanne Mjøen and Jimi Somewhere have collaborated on the new sound – Fall Down.

Ruben Pol – Bedsheets

Ruben Pol’s new single – Bedsheets has just been released, and we’re soaking up the charismatic style of this artist. Not just a one-trick pony, this musician and singer also works extensively as a model.

sumthin sumthin – Confused ft. JAWNZA

As always, sumthin sumthin breaks the mold with his next single release for Quality Goods Records. His work for UZ’s label is always innovative and fresh, and “Confused” is another example of that.

Sondr – Holding On ft. Molly Hammar

The newest release on Ultra Music is from Sondr, who have just released “Holding On” featuring singer Molly Hammar.

DJ Katch – Best Thing

If you like your dance music with a summery injection of groove, then you won’t be disappointed in the new single from DJ KATCH. He has just released a track with UK’s Joe Killington, packed with zesty brass riffs.

Maverick – “The Minute” ft. Selah Sue

We loved Maverick and singer Selah Sue’s previous collaboration “Pull The Strings,” and the producer has worked with the acclaimed Belgian artist again for new track “The Minute.”

Ramba Zamba – Torn

Out now to stream or buy through Universal Music Germany is “Torn,” a track which takes the hook from the Natalie Imbruglia original and creates something new from it. Ramba Zamba is the German duo responsible for this remake, and they are particularly established as a live performance act.

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