Ali Wilson & Chris North – Pluck You (Original Mix) [Vandit Records]


Here at VANDIT towers, we’ve been dealing with a case or two of ‘the mucky mouths’ of late! Most recently that’s meant Ben Nicky’s Beatport Top 10 rocketing ‘680’ ‘outburst’ getting slapped with a very NSFW warning. Frankly, following that, we were braced for an outbreak!

Happily, with a cheekily well-placed spoonerism, the next producers stepping up to the release plate have graciously spared our blushes! With his tongue firmly wedged in cheek, Ali Wilson rides back out of the wilderness with his of-late studio compadre Chris North close at hand. Together, the duo are set to lay down the law with the master-blasting, floor-inspiring (and likely radio delighting!) ‘Pluck You’!

Pick up your copy of Ali Wilson & Chris North – Pluck You here.

The English duo sounded their comeback horn good ‘n’ loud earlier this spring with their ‘A Special Kind Of Space’ release through Spinnin’s Reset Records. Ali & Chris are now ready to deliver a follow up strike that’s every bit ‘Special Kind’s equal. ‘Pluck You’ is an all-guns-blazin’ slice of high-horsepower feel-great trance that’ll set your local dancefloor on a steep sky-bound trajectory!

The warning’s been given: Hold Tight!


01: Pluck You (Original Mix)

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