Ameya & Joy Gohil – Solstice (Original Mix) [T.H.E – Recordings]


Ameya & Joy Gohil mark their debut on T.H.E – Recordings with ‘Solstice’ – a brilliant progressive trance tune!

Depicting a straight up live arena feel with the piano and the synths, the track is a melodic interpretation of an astronomical event called ‘Solstice’.

Progressive trance lovers, this should definitely be on your playlist!

Listen to and purchase Ameya & Joy Gohil – Solstice (Original Mix) below.


  1. […] Ameya and Joy Gohil – Yes we did! This is really amusing cos our friend, and also the founder of T.H.E – Music Essentials and T.H.E – Recordings, happened to hangout with us whilst deciding names of the track we produced and Ameya had Akshay’s name on his phone stored as ‘Banawt’ (while originally being Bhanawat) and it seemed to sound like ‘burnout’ (the incorrect spelling) so we kinda went through with that as a working title and then we did a photo-shoot and realized its more suited to cosmic references , this track. Hence, Solstice […]


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