Ben Nicky – 680 (Original Mix) [Vandit Records]


Over the last 12 months ‘Brave Heart’, ‘Air’ and ‘Heart Go’ have provided a whopping 1-2-3 of floor-waxing, speaker-spanking, club-amping entries to VANDIT’s august discography! The man behind ‘em all is Mr. Ben Nicky and he now adds a 4th, every-bit-as locomotive number to that list.

When Ben finds inspiration somewhere, the UK-based producer doesn’t interpret it by halves. Melbourne sound emporium Room 680 has proved such a stimulus and studio-side he’s trance-translated the club’s unchained energy into a highly infectious, title-applicable outing.

Pick up your copy of Ben Nicky – ‘680’ Here.

Porting that Room 680 experience to a tee, the track throws down with a floor-provoking tempo, 303 burn and a vocal that’s plenty tongue-in-cheek and about as NSFW as they come! Break-side, Ben suffuses the pads, brings in the strings and elevates the synths, triangulating them all into ‘680’ jaw-to-the-floor climax!

A club hit signed, sealed and dancefloor-delivered, ‘680’s drops large from today.


01: ‘680’ (Original Mix)

Listen to Ben Nicky – 680 (Original Mix) below.

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