Chris North – Seraphim (Original Mix) [Vandit Records]

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Alongside Ali Wilson – his regular studio sparring partner in 2015, ‘Reunification’ and its cheekily titled follow-up ‘Pluck You’ scored Chris North a couple of sizably large club-floor wins though VANDIT last year.

His first of 2016 though sees the Londoner step out in every-bit-as-impressive solo form, for the start-to-finish rapture of ‘Seraphim’.

Chris North – Seraphim through Beatport here! ,

‘Seraphim’ summons its early melodic mood through swirling harmonic sub-riffs and thermal pad & chord lifts, underpinning them with floor provoking beats & bass.

True to title, in its midsection brings blissfully empyrean vocal sweeps, alongside bittersweet note arrangements and atmospheric FX pings. Post-drop, Chris kicks the track up into high gear, as events swiftly gravitate towards the euphoric end.

A prime slice of Jan-blues-busting trance, ‘Seraphim’ takes to the skies today!

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