Cosmic Boys – Scorpion (Felix Kröcher Remix) [Scander]


Longstanding Techno DJ and producer Felix Kröcher returns with his debut outing on Scander Records, a remix of Cosmic Boys’ track ‘Scorpion’.

Another track that boasts Felix’s impeccable talent for techno production, the ‘Scorpion’ remix is out now on French label Scander Records, and is available to purchase via all digital retailers.


Felix’s ‘Scorpion’ remix showcases the German’s finely tuned knowledge of the techno genre and represents his ability to create tension driven compositions. A minimalistic pulsating kick drives the groove throughout, layered with a piercing arpeggiated synth that cuts through the composition. Combining closed hi hats and open rides with swelling sub bass, Felix masterfully adds periodic claps that only add to the intensity. Incorporating dark undecipherable vocals with impeccably timed rises and bass line crescendos, alongside his trademark percussive tension, Felix has created yet another dance-floor filler.

Grab it here.

Consistently creating tracks that are unrivalled in the techno genre, it is unsurprising that Felix regularly plays at landmark venues across the globe. With his worldwide-audience, weekly radio show on Sunshine Live and his incredible talent at spinning and producing the finest techno, Felix has garnered an avid following. With his ‘Scorpion’ remix, Felix has given his fans yet another demonstration of his unwavering dedication to the techno genre.

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