David Forbes & Liam Melly – Flatline [Vandit Records]


Not content with giving us one slam-dunk collab this spring, today David Forbes makes it two for two. Chasing hard on the heels of his & Richard Lowe’s ‘March Skies’ release, here comes his every-bit-as-fierce follow-up.

For the release of ‘Flatline’, he’s teamed up with another producer who himself is no stranger to the more propulsive trance arts – Derry’s finest, Liam Melly.

‘Flatline’ – The Debut Collaboration From David Forbes & Liam Melly available through Beatport here!

Well on form as individuals, what the pair have come up with here is truly greater than the sum of its (considerable!) parts.

Beneath ‘Flatline’s hood roars the studio equivalent of a V8. Engineered from pistoning kick-drums, metallic percussion and bass-bin-shaking LFO, its all packed into an inexorable production drive that pushes the floor hard.

Up top, its tech-trance agenda’s completed by shadowy synths, constantly panning, echoing mood-filled FX, running riffs and a relentless, industrial-strength mainline. Lean, mean and casually keen to rock a floor (or twenty), taxi to the darker side with ‘Flatline’ from today.


01: Flatline (Original Mix)

Grab it here.


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