Gregori Klosman – Tell You (Original Mix) [Guru Records]


With his Guru Records already shinning in great shape throughout 2015, head honcho Gregori Klosman drops in on his own label to deliver a master class in how to shift through the gears in a coherent dancefloor bomb with “Tell You.”

Moving between crunching atmospherics, melodic refrains and euphoric breakdowns, the Parisian explores the kind of wide-­‐ranging approach to house that has set Guru apart, all within one track.

Starting off with straight-­‐up house, “Tell You” locks into a deep groove right from the off. When that eases off into a melodic and key-­‐laden breakdown, you would be forgiven for thinking that this will be one of Klosman’s more introspective, lighter tracks. No chance. Before you drift away in the airy atmospherics, fierce
synths begin to jab at pounding beats, thick swabs of bass and energetic FX. The energy is cranked and we fly off into a wall of stonking house music and never look back.

Listen to Gregori Klosman – Tell You (Original Mix) below.

Grab it here.

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