Josh Butler – Portable EP [Cajual]


For his sophomore outing on Cajmere’s Cajual Records, revered house producer Josh Butler delivers his latest EP, ‘Portable’ – an energetic display of Josh’s acute grasp of the house genre.

With bouncing bass lines and classic tech-house percussion, Josh has created another piece of work not only emblematic of his production talent but also demonstrative of his devotion to a genre. Josh’s ‘Portable’ EP follows up his acclaimed ‘Situation’ EP on Cajual Records last year, and is available to purchase now via all digital retailers.



Soulful layered vocals and balanced percussion take prominence on A-side ‘Black Dog’, as the funky bass line slowly emerges through the mix and creates a consummate groove. Classic house vocals are echoed throughout the track as Josh takes the listener on a highly detailed sonic journey. ‘House Sitting’ rolls up the energy with an open hi-hat groove layered atop a shifting sub bass. With classic drum machine rolls and a restrained mid section, Josh successfully creates several peaks and swells as the groove is reintroduced. The final track on the EP ‘Portable Dub’ takes us into deeper and darker territory, as Josh focuses on a mixed array of panning percussive hits and swelling sub bass. A master class in stripped back, percussion-based tech-house, Josh’s ‘Portable’ EP is a must-listen for any house music aficionado.

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