Matt Nash feat. Tara Mcdonald – Till The End (Original Mix) [Code Red Music]


Putting out smash hit after hit, Matt Nash shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. While continuing his success streak, Nash looks to regain his position on top of the charts with ‘Till The End’.

Featuring the scintillating talents of world-renowned vocalist Tara McDonald, ‘Til The End’ begins pulling you in with irregular glitch-infused chords and subtle string influences. Once the ascending buildup becomes apparent, the momentum for Matt Nash’s signature hard-hitting drop that has earned him the support of many high profile DJs is in full force. With a brief calm before the storm, the moment arrives in the track where McDonald’s voice completely takes over. “Stay to the end my friend, I won’t let you down,” the vocal instructs you. Not that you were planning on cutting the track short, but combination of Nash and McDonald ensures you that these will be the best 5 minutes and 48 seconds of your life.

With a smooth approach to sound he delivers, the house music advocate is in a league of his own, dominating one beat to the next. The coming days are your cue to tune into the electric Matt Nash noise, he has some huge releases already underway.

Listen to Matt Nash feat. Tara Mcdonald – Till The End (Original Mix) below.

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