Raneem & Emdee feat. Einat – Ready For Change (Original Mix) [Komodia Records]


“Ready for Change,” OUT NOW on Komodia Records, is the newest collaboration by label owners and Producers/DJ’s Raneem & Emdee – featuring the vocals of Einat.

The track is a finely-produced, chirpy and summery piece, with the catchiest of lead melodies that will have you hummin the track for days! Accompanied by roaring bass and a sick sub-bass line along with some punchy toms, the elements fuse together to pack-a-punch of power to your ears! Einat’s beautiful and energetic vocals will quickly transport you back to those long summer days, shaking up the longing feelings to just get up and dance.

Listen to Raneem & Emdee feat. Einat – Ready For Change (Original Mix) below.

Grab it here.


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