Review – We Are Friends: Volume 4


If you love the other side of electro house & especially when it comes from Mau5trap then “We are Friends Vol 4” is the collection you’ve been waiting for.

It’s been 6 months since the release of We Are Friends Vol. 3 and this divergent label has come up with an assemblage of 11 tracks that includes growing talent NEUS, ATTLAS, ENZO BENNET, BLACKGUMMY (My personal favorite). Good to see these experts under one native.

Enigmatic producer BlackGummy made his debut only a year ago. He is accepted for his edgy & atmospheric sounds. This cryptic producer is heavily inspired by Nero and Gesaffelstein. There is no doubt Deadmau5 and Feed Me have had a heavy influence in this lullaby he designed. What goes in this track is without a doubt some destructive bliss. His production competence is hefty that’s created an ardent fan following.

Attlas has been the one receiving a lot of consideration and fans actually accepted him to be a lateral-project of DeadMau5. He kicks off the album with Boxed.

This compilation has some crackling electro to an obvious minimal techno that stays close to Joel Zimmerman when he goes live with his Mau5 head.

Listen to We Are Friends: Volume 4 below.

You can grab the compilation here.