Varun Marwah – Menace (T.H.E Anthem) (Remixes) [T.H.E – Recordings]

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After creating a colossal impact with its heavy kick drums and big synths, T.H.E Anthem, Menace by Varun Marwah returns in the form of two massive remixes.

First up is Slovakian DJ/Producer, Miroslav Vrlik.

Miroslav’s mammoth effort at remixing the anthem packs a punch with a rivetting bass line and a delightful euphoria of soulful melodies. Gaining momentum from a pool of chord progressions in the break, the remix stays true to the roots of the original and transitions to a massive drop!

An emotive as well as gritty remix perfectly describes Blame Adam’s effort on Menace. Introducing the remix with chill euphoria, Blame Adam builds it up with a powerful, bass stab infused drop. Further this delight of a remix brings with, the authenticity of the musical beginnings, with a smooth flute progression, in a rather fluid manner. Definitely a tune, in the repeat mode section!

Listen to Varun Marwah – Menace (T.H.E Anthem) (Remixes) below.

Grab the package here.

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