Xika – Try To Go (Original Mix) [Kaisen Records]


Released on the 21st of September, 2015, ‘Try To Go’ is Xika’s debut single – introducing this young talent to the international Dance music world. Having developed mad DJing and production skills, 22 year old Xika has started his musical journey with ‘Try To Go’ and will surely be cooking up many more projects in the near future.

Having spent many hours in the studio experimenting with diverse styles and sounds, Xika has managed to develop a unique sonic flavour that is sure to please the crowds. ‘Try To Go’ is definitely a showcase of Xika’s refined musical vision, adding EDM inspirations to his highly original Future House signature, establishing him as one of the most interesting new entrees within the electronic music scene.

Kicking off with an infectious House inspired drum beat, ‘Try To Go’ sets the tone for what’s to come. A captivating series of looped effects build up momentum, transcending into a melodic breakdown, driven by a catchy synth melody and highly processed vocals. Further effects are added into the mix to spice things up, whilst Xika starts prepping up a subby drop, led by deep harmonies and punchy grooves. Energy levels are drawn back for a short while, whilst the single builds-up force once again, giving way to a further ascension towards the much awaited chorus – later leading the way for a mellower conclusion.

Xika has now landed his first label deal with renowned imprint Kaisen Records. His freshest single ‘Try To Go’ is now part of Kaisen Records’ growing catalogue, adding weight to the rapidly developing musical capital of this House and Deep House specialist label. Xika will be joining the Kaisen Records family, amongst other stellar artists like: Yuga, RoyTson, Shadeyes and Mari Ka. Whilst ‘Try To Go’ is only the beginning for Xika, it has certainly displayed a high level of quality which is providing solid foundations for many more projects to come.

Grab it here.

Listen to Xika – Try To Go (Original Mix) below.

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