Boiler Room has nearly tripled in its average viewing time, in 5 years


Since its inception, the Boiler Room audience has grown from 10 million to a phenomenal 303 million, with each session having an average viewing time of 14 minutes.

EDM enthusiasts all over the world want to attend events, but, sometimes, they are stalled due to no leaves or budget constraints. Even if they make it to an event, what they most miss is, not having all their peers and friends next to them. Hence, sometimes, an individual does not need to be present at an event physically to enjoy it completely. Boiler Room is the one stop solution for those who enjoy live music, and want to be comfortable in their space with their friends.

Boiler Room

Boiler Room

Boiler Room started as a webcam DJ session in east London, which has now grown into a global streaming session. No matter what music is playing, or the place they are at, Boiler Room can garner a crowd all over the globe through their streams. It is difficult to make sure that each stream is as great as the previous one, but, it is not impossible for this team. The one thing that attracts listeners to go to live events, is that they can let their hair down and sway with the vibe while enjoying the spontaneity of the music being played. This same spontaneity and surprise is built into the streams of Boiler Room.

They make sure to pick the finest people to play on the live streams. While the surprise element in the music remains, the audience also looks forward to good dancers in the crowd, so that they can pick a move or two. However, the most amazing part about Boiler Room, is that, it is free, and every music lover, can enjoy this experience in their homes, in bars with colleagues or in the street with a streaming device.

Boiler Room

So, if an event, or a specific genre of music is inaccessible, Boiler Room makes sure that, easy access is provided to listeners, to live music of all genres, through streaming. They streamed 200 events last year, with 45% percent of them focussing on electronic music, and 23% focussing on hip hop. These were broadcasted across 40 countries around the globe, which led to the phenomenal audience growth of 303 million.

Boiler Room

These achievements are mere milestones that we will talk about in the coming years. Now, Boiler Room is branching out to cover more genres like Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood’s London Contemporary Orchestra. They will also be adding multiple camera angles to each stream, to create an even more dynamic live experience. It is also, rumoured that, they will soon release musical documentaries for users to consume anytime, anywhere. While they have already created a massive disruption by global broadcasting and reaching out to new audiences, that do have access to music, the disruption they cause next is yet to be seen.

Do you stream Boiler Room? If yes, which set has been your favorite, tell us below.

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