BREAKING: One half of Dada Life – Olle Cornéer, to stop performing live

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Stockholm based Swedish progressive house duo, Dada Life have just released a shocking statement with regards to their live performances.

The 2-man army comprising of Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom made a combined decision that the former will no longer be going on tour.

Olle was diagnosed with cancer during fall of 2014, however fortunately he recovered from it completely with the help of treatment. And, this decision has nothing to do with cancer. The Swede explains that all the running around and all the travelling has taken a toll on his health, and he hasn’t been keeping well lately.

However, good news is that Olle is still going to be a part of Dada Life from the studio and Stephan is going to keep the Dada Life spirit alive with the live performances. Olle concluded by saying, “I will miss you all. But, health first.”

Read the full statement below:

Get well soon Olle! Hopefully he’s able to recover soon and get back to spreading the rules of Dada Life with Champagne, Bananas and the ‘born to rage’ motto.

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