Awakenings 2018: Our favourite sets from this year’s edition!

Awakenings, what can we saw about this festival that draws crowds from all over the world to the Amsterdam for 2 days, more recently during Awakenings 2018.

Top EDM songs you need to add to your playlist now!

Electronic Dance music is one of the most heavily consumed genres in the world and every week, there are tons of EDM songs that flood some of your favourite streaming portals like Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and more.

21 Tomorrowland facts that you probably didn’t know!

Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in the world which is held in Boom, Belgium. It was first held in 2005 and ever since, it has been one of the most awaited events every year. We are less than a week away from the first weekend of the festival and here are some fun Tomorrowland facts you should be aware of.

A guide on how to replace your Guitar Strings

Regardless, if you’re a beginner or not, changing guitar strings in nothing too complicated.

12 Electronic Dance Music terms that make you cool on Instagram

You love music and especially Electronic Dance Music? But, you do not know how to talk like the the musical enthusiasts on Instagram or at festivals? Well, don’t feel out of place as, we have just the list of Electronic Dance Music terms for you.

Revolutionary music streaming platform – Choon, is giving artists a much better deal!

If you happen to see what Choon is defined on the Urban Dictionary, the top definition would be – ‘A song or any piece of music to which an individual assigns the highest level of merit but, most usually an exclaimation upon hearing the song in public.’ When you scroll through all the other meanings you will notice that most meanings link with the words ‘music’ and ‘tunes’.

Is Luminosity Beach Festival, the greatest trance festival in the world?

It’s that time of the year again. All trance and techno fans have made their way to The Netherlands to get their share of brilliant music. While all the Techno fans made their way to Amsterdam for Awakenings, the trance fans caught their cabs and headed to Bloemendaal to Luminosity Beach Festival. And the rest of us at our homes? We are absolutely resenting our decisions of staying back home as we...

A list of Ibiza parties for 2018 that you should definitely attend!

With the island of Ibiza gearing up for yet another stunning summer season, here’s a list of Ibiza parties that you should definitely attend this year.

This Tomorrowland merchandise is all you need for the perfect festival look!

The world’s biggest EDM festival, Tomorrowland is almost here! Taking place over 2 weekends from July 20-23 and 27-29, the festival is set to have one of its biggest year’s yet. This year, we came across some really cool stuff on their website – Official Tomorrowland Merchandise!

Tomorrowland – A walk down memory lane

Arguably, the world’s biggest EDM festival, Tomorrowland is almost here! Taking place over 2 weekends from July 20-23 and 27-29, the festival is set to have one of its biggest year’s yet. Under the theme ‘The Story of Planaxis’, this year’s event is ready to give the people of tomorrow another thrilling and enchanting journey in the lawns of Boom, Belgium. But let’s take a look back at the past ep...

Study: These are the most popular sports teams in Hip-Hop

On Drake’s 2010 hit song “Thank Me Now,” the Canadian rapper and Toronto sports die-hard delivers one of his most memorable bars. After using the likes of Iverson and Jordan in the preceding lines, Drake raps, “I swear sports and music are so synonymous / Cause we want to be them, and they want to be us.” Drake isn’t the first or only hip-hop artist to feel the connection between athletics and mus...

Parties in a glacier and a lava tunnel with Slayer slaying the headline performance – Let’s peek at Secret Solstice 2018!

Secret Solstice 2018 took place during the summer, when the sun never sets. If you are awake through the night, you will feel warmth of the sun when it breaks through the clouds, periodically. This 4-day festival, in Reykjavik, includes amazing music, a geothermal pool party, along with a party inside a glacier and inside a 5,200-year-old Lava tunnel.

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