Revolutionary streaming platform – Choon, observes a 6X growth within a week of their announcement!

We recently spoke about the world’s first platform that monetizes playlists. It’s almost been 10 days since Choon officially started rolling their monetized playlists, and they are already seeing an increase in track uploads and in creation of playlists.

IGTV – Long format videos now accessible to the music industry

On 20th June Instagram launched, Instagram TV or IGTV at an event in San Francisco. Users can now upload videos up to 60 minutes in length, which provides content creators with great breadth to create content, from the previous limit of 1 minute. In the past few months there has been chatter of a platform for long form videos within Instagram. With the launch of IGTV, users can now access this sta...

Boiler Room has nearly tripled in its average viewing time, in 5 years

Since its inception, the Boiler Room audience has grown from 10 million to a phenomenal 303 million, with each session having an average viewing time of 14 minutes.

Music Artists are focusing on Instagram more than ever

Music artists are now documenting their work and promoting their music on YouTube, Spotify and Instagram. In fact, if you search for a known or emerging DJ, you should be sure to find them on Instagram.

Instagram Stories – Now the central ad platform for music artists

Instagram and Instagram stories are platforms that are growing at a very fast pace. While people like to share most of their moments and experiences with the world, businesses on the other hand use this platform to garner exposure and boost sales.

These were the world’s highest paid DJs in 2017

34-year-old, Scottish DJ – Calvin Harris remains top of the list of highest paid DJs for the fifth consecutive year.

How Electronic Dance Music has led to the rise of Spotify

Since its launch, Spotify has become one of the most preferred platforms to stream music on from a listener’s point of view, and hence it has grown to provide a reach/distribution network to a wide audience.

6 unmissable music performances you need to see this summer!

The summer season is prime time for music festivals, and with that comes a calendar that is packed to the brim with stars. From the biggest Ibiza opening parties to the summer’s most hotly-anticipated festival shows, here’s 6 unmissable music performances for 2018.

Just how connected are music and politics?

There is a central place in American history for music and politics. Consider the iconic protest ballads of the 1960s or Bill Clinton’s use of Fleetwood Mac to inspire campaign trail optimism.

12 Indian artists that have developed their own signature sound

The electronic music industry in India along with the variety of Indian artists has certainly witnessed an explosion of sorts in the past decade, with arguably the biggest artists across the globe visiting our shores.

Top 10 DJ online stores you need to shop at!

It’s almost time for the summer and you know what that means? Shopping! So, in build-up of your summer spending spree we thought we’d showcase some of the best apparel and merch from the top 10 DJ Online stores you should definitely know about!

Escape the real world with these unique festival experiences

One of the primary reasons that festival-goers around the world travel far and wide to their favourite events, is escapism.

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