Avicii’s death has caused DJs to acknowledge their mental health struggles

DJ’s are beginning to talk about their mental health struggles and it is about time they do!

Lift of anti-dancing law has fuelled growth of Japan’s dance music culture

Japan has always been a fascinating county. Besides its history and amazing food, the country is a tourist magnet and has a unique take on pop culture.

Are these the most remarkable locations for DJ gigs?

We, musical enthusiasts, love our music festivals, but, what makes it an amazing event is the vibe of the place it is being held at.

How Mexico City has become the Mecca of music streaming

Spotify has named Mexico City the ‘Streaming Music Capital’.

Top EDM songs you need to add to your playlist now!

Electronic Dance music is one of the most heavily consumed genres in the world and every week, there are tons of EDM songs that flood some of your favourite streaming portals like Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and more.

Relive your streaming habits with the 2018 Spotify Wrapped feature

A customized look at your streaming habits through 2018.

Here’s how Spotify is improving your streaming experience

Music is known to affect the brain and your mood in many fascinating ways. Research indicates that music stimulates emotions. Well, that is no surprise, and the 2018 Spotify Wrapped, has highlighted all the moods by age based on the streaming of mood–themed playlists, and capitalised on that by creating a special playlist for its listeners. Every year has its ups and downs, but the 2018 Spotify Wr...

Drake was 2018’s most streamed artist on Spotify

Drake takes the crown again this year with 8.2 billion streams.

Become a DJ with these video tutorials you can access from anywhere!

Only knowing the craft of being a DJ is no longer enough to play the long game in the world of DJing.

Now become a DJ with just one CLICK!

The best DJ tutorials are just a click away!

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